A Tour of rare natural beauty

· The "solette"of Porto Palo, which covers about 25 hectares Gurra sea with the valley that opens onto the sea and the beach keep striking aspects of naturalization.

· The "Serrone Cipollazzo", hilly area covered with sand to a height of 60 m so it looks like a giant dune is covered entirely with a thick cane plant species in the Mediterranean climate.

· The Hill "Capparrina di Mare", covered by a dense and lush vegetation of dwarf palms (Chamaerops humilis), a lonely beach and quiet reveals significant aspects of wildlife interest such as sea turtles and herring gulls. The beach is reported as one of the few nesting places of sea turtle "Caretta caretta", alone among the sea turtles that use the Sicilian coast to spawn. by as yet, although in lesser amounts are taken from the young leaves to be worked by skilled hands reap items of particular value and use, such as baskets of various sizes, brooms, mats, rugs and more.

· “Giache bianche” of Bertolino beach located between the hill "Capparini" and the mouth of "river Carboj" covered up the shoreline, with white pebbles smoothed by the sea. The sand dunes, the "white giache, Mediterranean vegetation, the grove of acacia trees and vineyards nearby, drawing a landscape of exceptional natural and scenic value.

· The nature Reserve of the mouth of the river Belice covers a short stretch of southern coast of the island, the most typically "African", strongly characterized by expanses of dunes, with the typical features fociale marsh vegetation and, in the inner part, the Mediterranean evergreen .. This is one of the remaining edges, and therefore of extraordinary importance, of that natural landscape in the past was to characterize, almost entirely, on the Mediterranean coast of Sicily, among the most beautiful island. It includes a rich and diverse flora and fauna environment be protected.